E-learning step by step: Webwalk

We believe that learning in practice is the best way of learning things: finding out step by step how things work. Having once succesfully accomplished a certain operation it  will be remembered far better than merely seeing it done.

The word ‘tutorial’ is often associated with videos on Youtube where something is being shown and a voice-over elaborates upon the actions hoping to clarify them. Anyone who is familiar with this example knows its disadvantages: you will have to change screens, continually hit replay and the action usually goes way too fast.

The Webwalk will effectively tackle these problems and will allow you to accomplish procedures step by step without once  having to switch between applications. The Webwalk is an e-learning tool that has already proven it’s worth for years in The Netherlands. Until now only in schools, but as of January 2013 the software is available for everyone to use.

Learning by doing
Our point of focus is learning by doing. This didactic method has undisputably proven itself and works for practically anyone. Is it too easy for you? Then you will be ready in no time. Does it take more effort than you thought? Just do it again…

Try the tool
Follow the instructions below  to download the software and see it in action.

Step 1.:
First install Adobe Air. Click on the logo to start the installation.

Step 2.:
Now install the Webwalk.
 Click on the button below to download the installation file  (webwalk.air). Choose to execute the file to start the installation.

After installation
There are several Webwalks ‘open’ as an example on how to use the tool. These are available once you start the software. Right now these examples are all in Dutch but we will very soon add an English Webwalk.